The creation of the Center for Research and Graduate Studies in Business Administration (CEPEAD) at UFMG has enabled the structuring of a space for developing and consolidating fields of knowledge in the Administrative Sciences.

Based on the Masters in Business Administration, marked by growth and modifications to ensure its high quality standards over the course of its history, the Graduate Program in Business Administration at the Federal University of Minas Gerais offers three complementary or alternative degrees:

Strategic Management: Master’s degree specializing in:

  1. Finance
  2. Strategy, marketing and innovation
  3. Management of operations and logistics
  4. Organizational studies and society
  5. People management and organizational behavior
  6. Organizational management and management technology

The decision to create the Doctoral Program in Business Administration, supported by the research areas that been consolidated already in the Department of Administrative Sciences, enables continuous updating and monitoring of the various trends and emerging areas in the organizational and administrative areas. Furthermore, it allows for the possibility of adjusting the course content to take advantage of the availability and specializations of the faculty of the Department. Thus, the Doctorate in Business Administration at UFMG will be able to maintain the energy, dynamism, and modernity that is present in its foundation phase for decades to come.

CEPEAD has also taken the right step, as shown by the recent history of Brazil, in creating a graduate-level network compatible with self-sustaining development and continuous interaction with the major knowledge centers in the world, thereby broadening the existing base of academic knowledge and creating a new educational and technical reference point for appreciating knowledge and recognizing human potential.

The current economic situation and the development of knowledge in applied social sciences have triggered changes in the social practice of organizations. This movement favors producing and adopting new organizational technologies and developing analytic and critical faculties by creating spaces, challenges, and research demands, and reflection and new knowledge in this area.

Given this context, CEPEAD is willing to accept this mission in line with its standards of excellence. CEPEAD will assist in the production of a significant contribution to society by training highly prepared technical workers and academics for the challenges and requirements that will arise in the future.