The Center for Research and Graduate Studies in Business Administration (CEPEAD) has one of the greatest academic reputations in Business Administration in Brazil, featuring high-level research development and interinstitutional and international involvement. As part of public recognition of its worth, CAPES gave the Program a grade six, of a maximum score of seven.

CEPEAD focuses at various levels of academic and professional training, through the Masters and Doctoral programs in Business Administration as well as the Specialized Program in Strategic Management (CEGE).

The aim of the Specialized Program in Strategic Management (CEGE) is to contribute to the improvement of management professionals in the market. The program has been offered since 1993 and is managed by the Program Coordination Committee. Since 1993, 144 students have completed the program and over 4,700 professionals are already successfully working in the market.

In May 2007, CEGE, in keeping with CEPEAD’s quality standards, was recognized by the National Association of Graduate Studies and Research in Business Administration Accreditation System (ANPAD), which attests to the quality of the program. The faculty consists primarily of professors of the Federal University itself, and most have degrees from foreign universities and extensive professional and teaching experience, in addition to working on research and consulting. The excellence of these professors is further enhanced by the invitation of professional professors who work in companies and institutions in the market, imparting relevant experience for the students in the Specialized Program in Strategic Management.


The Graduate Program in Business Administration at CEPEAD offers an emphasis on business administration and the following research areas: organizational studies and society; people management and organizational behavior; finance; and marketing, strategic administration and operations.

The CEGE courses are based on the following research areas:

  • marketing
  • business finance
  • business administration
  • business management
  • human resource management