Preparing professionals to work in the private and public sectors through a solid training in business administration;
Training professors who can improve the quality of business administration education; Prepare people to develop and direct research in the field of business administration


The Masters in Business Administration must be completed within a 24-month period. This may be extended by up to six months, provided there is a relevant rationale, the supervisor has been consulted, and it has been approved by the committee. The program is full-time, with 12 months for coursework and developing a research project and 12 months for developing and defending the thesis, with the aim of attaining the Masters in Business Administration degree.

Target audience

College graduates or students finishing undergraduate studies whose fields are in areas related to the administrative sciences. Students from the social and physical sciences who would also like to contribute to the administrative sciences are also accepted into the program.

Number of places

For the first semester of 2015, 31 (thirty one) places will be available and distributed across the different lines of research as follows: eight for research in Finance; seven for research in Human Resource Management (HRM) and Organizational Behavior; eight for research in Organizational and Corporate Studies, and (eight) for research in Marketing, Strategic Administration, and Operations.

Student obligations

  • Carrying out the Teaching Internship Program according to the program's instructions.
  • Writing the thesis project within the research areas offered by the program.
  • Completing the Master’s program with thesis defense in a period from 24 months to 30 months from commencing the program.
  • Supporting the development of activities for the supervisor's research group.
  • Publishing articles within the research boundaries specified by the supervisor.
  • Participating in the extracurricular activities planned by the Center for Research and Graduate Studies in Business Administration (CEPEAD).
  • Exclusive commitment to the program.
  • For scholarship recipients: meeting the requirements set out by support agencies. CEPEAD has the right to cancel the scholarship if these standards are not met.
  • Participating in CEPEAD public thesis and dissertation defenses.
  • Presenting an Activity Report at the end of each semester.


The Center for Research and Graduate Studies in Business Administration (CEPEAD) is supported by the following funding agencies:

  • The Coordination of Professional Enhancement for University Personnel (CAPES)
  • The National Scientific and Technological Development Council (CNPq)
  • The Research Incentive Foundation of the State of Minas Gerais (FAPEMIG)

Scholarships are awarded based on academic merit and financial need.